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Our Profile

Education is considered as a way for human being to develop their potential and character. In a cultured society, education is very essential as an effort to be able to transfer culture from one generation to the next. In an effort to be able to develop various life skills, develop personality and ultimately be able to meet various needs of his own life.

As the function of education is so important for the survival of human life and culture, education must be accessible to every citizen.

Departing from a concern to be able to provide opportunities and ease of access to education for the underprivileged, as well as developing personality and a sense of caring for each other through social assistance, Bahar initiated to establish Bahar Foundation.

Officially established in 1997, Bahar Foundation has a goal to be able to make a real contribution to community empowerment, both in the form of educational activities and social activities.

Our Activities

Cigondewah is a small village in the west of Bandung City, sharing borders with Cimahi City. This area was seen as problematic in terms of its living environment, particularly the problem of plastic waste and water pollution, as a result of overflowing industrial waste around this village and various waste originating from the north of Bandung City. Here Tisna Sanjaya built Imah Budaya Cigondewah as a social hub and cultural centre to revitalize the tradition and spirituality of Cigondewah village.