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Dear Clients & Friends,

Hope all of you are well amidst this pandemic of COVID-19 that spreads worldwide. Our country, Indonesia, is among the top countries with fast-spreading of the virus. Our Government has taken immediate action by recommending work-from-home policy. With this opportunity, we are informing you about our actions and plans to continue providing you with our services in the midst of COVID-19.

Actions We Take

We currently have several working protocols for all Bahar lawyers and we have also formed a task force to deal with the corona crisis with the objective to assist the client’s business during this period. We apply rotating system where every lawyer gets two-days schedules to work at the office and another three-days schedule to work from home. This system was made to ensure that all works from the client can be done on time while still manage to avoid too many physical contacts among firm members.

We are facilitating all members to conduct conference call and video call to communicate with both clients and/or other team members. We are equipped with the technology to work, meet and collaborate remotely, and our IT team is ready to assist you with technical protocol to conduct the conference all and video call at all time.

Committed and Dedicated

To show our commitment and dedication to you, we make sure that all lawyers and staffs are still contactable via e-mail and telephone. All members in the firm is fully accessible and responsive to all requests and/or questions that all of you might have concerning the existing files or prospective projects. We will try our best to revert back to you with our answer as soon as possible.

Needless to say, there may be inconvenience and challenges along the way, but we hope that together we will be able to overcome the current circumstances. We appreciate greatly your patience and understanding.

We thank you for your ongoing support at this time, and we remain wholly committed and dedicated as your trusted advisers, to assist and provide you with our excellent services. Together, we are confident that we will be able to get through this hard time and back to our normal condition as soon as the situation provides.

May we wish you and your loved ones good health and safety.



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