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Digital Business & Technology

Digital transformation brings huge impacts to the global business. People consider that today technologies play pivotal transformation in digital era. In business sectors that are being transformed by technology, we support our client by providing end-to-end legal service in highly dynamic digital-intellectual property right-telecommunication related business.

Our expertise encompasses not only corporate actions and legal compliance matters but also in particular technical issues in Digital Business and Technology (DBT) sector. We combine our experiences and extensive knowledge in DBT sector with assisting our client for formulizing and structuring strategies to engage business in Indonesia, establishing the companies, administering licenses, performing corporate actions, and assisting dispute resolution process. Our DBT team is committed to provide you with comprehensive legal services.


We strive to provide clients with services that span from investment matters, day to day affairs, high-value deals, up to assisting clients on technical matters such as frequency spectrums, interconnection, tariff arrangement, content, optical fiber, telecommunication tower, satellite-based services, satellite insurance, WIMAX, third carrier of 3G, net neutrality, space technology, content related-services. Especially for legal services related to satellite, we are acquaintance with satellite operational licensing, launching to its operation, satellite insurance and up to its re-flagging process.
In business sectors that are being transformed by technology, our team is set to be at the forefront of recent worldwide development of digital business and technology. We have a team that observes legal developments closely in the realm of technology advancements. We have a wide-array of expertise in handling various high-profile digital business &technologyprojects and transactions involving well-known companies. Our seamless services cover digital entertainment (video/music) video game, e-sport, IT public procurement, online auctions, online gambling, software licensing, online advertising/marketing, online privacy/e-reputation, cloud services, e-commerce, online payment (e-money, e-currency, national payment gateway), fintech/blockchain, e-currency, smart cities, artificial intelligence (AI)/robots, cyber security, e-health, internet of thing (IoT), algorithm protection, IT contract, e-signature,privacy& data protection, big data, data centers, semiconductor, hardware, devices protection, autonomous and connected cars, logistic 4.0, drones,  industry 4.0, labor 4.0, nano and biotechnology, climate mitigation technology, tv digital and printing media.
Our main specific DBT legal advisories above are accompanied by legal assistance in IPRs& Technology matters. We will help clients to get intellectual protections in place as well as to secure its interest in dealing with other parties with regard to protecting inventions & innovation: patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, research and development, open innovation, IP protection, know-how protection
Besides providing specific DBT-service, our DBT practice is available to assist clients in all stages of corporate restructuring, joint-venture related matters, acquisitions of telecommunication, digital business and technology business including due diligence, shares purchase agreements, registration statements, and post-acquisition integration. We also assist clients in creating the most viable strategy and structure as well as advising on the instruments involved in the transaction, notably in relation to capital market transaction. 


  1. Trusted in acting as Indonesian legal counsel to a well-known  state owned telecommunication and digital enterprise in Indonesia in their reorganization and consolidation of tower business, its satellite loss issues, and its governance and regulatory matters since 2011 up to present.
  2. Successfully appointed as legal counsel of an Indonesian state owned company to advise and assist in its multi billion procurement project of government multifunctional satellite.
  3. Indonesian legal counsel to a Qatar company for telecommunication services in its acquisition of Indonesian company and its issuance of USD3,000,000,000 Global Medium Term Note.Providing legal assistance for Indonesian first private satellite company in relation to Palapa C Satellite launch.
  4. We advised a satellite operator company in Asia-pacific region based in Bermuda with regard to the operation of satellite communications and their cooperative agreements with an Indonesian Telecommunications Company.
  5. We represented the national professional association for all stakeholders in telecommunications, information technology, communication and broadcasting formulating a proposal and recommendation to the Indonesian Ministry  in relation to the optimization of certain frequency spectrums allocated to CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) telecommunications operators by advocating neutral technology in the respective frequency.
  6. We acted as legal counsel to a joint venture company of Indonesian and foreign telecommunication companies,for information and communication technology solution for their Network and Application Service (NAS) Solutions.
  7. We represented the biggest Indonesian call center companies in negotiating infrastructure management services with Indonesian operator.
  8. We acted as a legal counsel of an Indonesian high speed internet and home cable TV provider in relation to the provision of 4G internet services and alliance arrangement with its business partner.
  9. We advised one of Indonesian leading switching companies on obligation divestment plan. 
  10. Indonesian legal counsel to an Indonesian satellite business player to provide Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) in Indonesia.
  11. We represented one leading internet service provider in the procurement of submarine cable connecting Jakarta-Bangka-Batam-Singapura as well as the operation and maintenance of fiber optics.
  12. We advised a government infrastructure agency on the leased satellite capacity in 2018 for internet access provisioning in the remote region of Indonesia.
  13. We advised a government guarantee SOE for PPP project on the high-throughput satellite in 2019.