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The healthcare industry has become one of the most vital and vastly developing industries in the world. With 28 years of experience, we believe that we understand the complex and highly regulated nature of the industry. We analyse healthcare market demands and provide end-to-end legal services to clients such as healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals companies (both manufacturers and distributors), healthcare associations, related government institutions, and digital healthcare providers or platforms.

Combining experience with extensive knowledge, our expertise encompasses not only incorporate actions and legal compliance matters but also in particular technical issues within the industry. We provide clients with various legal services, such as formalizing and structuring strategies to engage business in Indonesia, company establishment and incorporation, administering licenses, performing corporate actions, assisting dispute resolution process, government advocacies, and regulatory drafting.

To stay in front of healthcare regulatory updates, we are actively involved in various seminars and studies related to the healthcare industry. We aim to nurture our connection with key players and related government institutions.  

  1. We assisted the initial public offering (IPO) of a reputable pharmaceutical industry company in Indonesia.
  2. We represented the first commercial bank in Indonesia that applies Islamic Sharia principles in relation to a syndicated sharia financing, acquisition, and establishment of the hospital.
  3. We advised shareholders of a trusted healthcare company in merger transaction and preparation of various commercial agreements.
  4. We represented a leading healthcare company in dispute settlement, several transactions including preparing a joint venture agreement, corporate restructuring, and other general corporate matters.
  5. We represented an international chiropractic company in relation to their malpractice dispute settlement in Indonesia.
  6. We assisted a public company engaged in sorbitol production in their debt restructuring exercises.
  7. We represented a pharmaceutical company in its acquisition plan to one of Indonesia’s biggest state-owned pharmaceutical companies.
  8. We collaborated with one of the big four auditor companies and a center for healthcare policy and reform studies in conducting Indonesia’s first eHealth study and establishing a recommendation on e-health roadmap for the Government of Indonesia.

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