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Governance & Corporate Matters

Since our establishment in 1992, we have actively assisted our clients with a range of corporate-related legal matters. We understand that every business is unique, yet we believe that the main goal of all our clients is the same: a prosperous business. To this end we have continuously developed our capacity and networks to ensure that our clients receive the best legal assistance to realize their business goals.

  • Establishing a company (local and foreign) – to facilitate this we collaborate with renowned notaries to prepare deeds and assist in the process of company’s registration;
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses (general and operational) – to enable our clients to run their businesses properly and freely, we ensure that they are equipped with all the necessary licenses required by prevailing laws/regulations in Indonesia;
  • Assisting the client in regulatory compliance – after obtaining the necessary licenses, a company is required to fulfill all licensing obligations to avoid revocation of the licenses by the government. Our services in these sectors include preparing any required regular reports to officials;
  • Drafting corporate documents – we assist with the day-to-day operational documents, including preparing board and shareholder resolutions, amendments to a company’s articles of association, and assisting with the preparation of board and shareholders meetings;
  • Providing legal advice – with today’s business complexity, we provide our clients with the reliable and timely legal advice required for their decision-making.
  1. A large group of companies established in Belgium, a global market leader in metal transformation and coatings, and the world's largest independent manufacturer of drawn steel wire products. We assisted with various transactions, including establishing a foreign direct investment company, preparing transaction documents, and a set of other transactions related to the reorganization of the group;
  2. A Japanese joint-venture wholesaler of a wide range of construction and mining equipment. We assisted in several corporate transactions, including operational aspects, business licenses, expatriate and related labor issues;
  3. A multinational automotive manufacturing company based in India. Our legal assistance included: establishing a foreign investment company in Indonesia engaged in the export, import, manufacture, assembly, and wholesale distribution of vehicles within Indonesia and to neighboring countries;
  4. The first and largest Indonesian sharia bank. Our assistance included providing legal advice in sharia banking and general corporate industry, preparing board and shareholders resolutions, and assisting with the preparation of board and shareholder meetings;
  5. A leading Indonesian call center company. We provided services ranging from the preparation of operational corporate documents including board and shareholder resolutions, amendments to the company’s articles of association, assisting with the preparation of the board and shareholders meetings, and obtaining licenses and regulatory compliance;
  6. An Indonesian managed solution provider. Our services included the preparation of operational corporate documents including the board and shareholders resolutions, assisting with the preparation of board and shareholders meetings, obtaining licenses and regulatory compliance, and preparing the delegation to management paper;
  7. One of the largest Swedish companies engaged in the manufacture of bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Our legal assistance covered providing legal advice in the manufacturing industry as well as obtaining licenses and regulatory compliance.
We are also in step with the development of good corporate governance practices in Indonesia and, as a result, we have become one the first law firms in Indonesia to focus on corporate governance matters. We believe that every company has to impart good corporate governance principles to their company’s culture to ensure the sustainability of their business.

In addition, as the complexity of business operations have increased with globalization and open market access, the government needs to keep up with these developments, especially to enhance Indonesia’s Ease of Doing Business for all business players. Our firm believes that the public governance sector requires input from the private sector so that policy and regulations do not hamper business operations.

  • Corporate Governance - We have assisted public and private companies in preparing and reviewing their articles of association, internal standard operating procedures, and commercial codes. We have also assisted in reviewing and redrafting clients’ existing Board Manuals and BOD Charters. In addition, we have experience in preparing procurement and partner selection documents for clients acting as the project owner;
  • Public Governance – We provide feedback and input to government officials in the preparation of laws and regulations, ranging from governmental regulations, presidential regulations, regional regulations, and ministerial regulations.
The assistance we have provided our clients has been internationally recognized. The Asia Pacific Legal 500 (2016 Edition) stated that we have “a strong corporate regulatory practice, advising companies and governments on matters such as corporate compliance, anti-corruption, board structuring and procurement”.

  1. A State-Owned Company engaged in Airport services, operating more than 13 Airports in Indonesia, which we assisted with a tender process for the procurement of the Automated People Mover System (APMS);
  2. Three State-Owned Enterprises engaged in electricity, the gas industry, and the telecommunications sector, all of which we assisted with the drafting of their board manuals;
  3. An Indonesian Ministry, which we assisted with the optimization of frequency spectrums allocated to CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) telecommunications operators by advocating neutral technology in the respective frequency.
Through our managing partner as the Head of Permanent Committee of FTA/Multilaterals for both KADIN and APINDO, we provided input the ministry of trade and other relevant ministries with regard to the on-going negotiation between Indonesia and selected countries on the FTAs.