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Our Story

For over three decades, Bahar has been dedicated to serving you in the industry, offering Bahar Law & Consulting, Bahar Institute, and Bahar Academy. Our diverse team of professionals collaborates seamlessly to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet your needs. With strategic offices in Jakarta and Bali, we offer a unique blend of local insights and global perspectives, ensuring you receive comprehensive support wherever you are.

At Bahar, we're committed to staying ahead of the curve, continuously evolving to address current issues that directly impact you. We prioritize innovation and creative problem-solving to ensure we always deliver the best possible outcomes. In addition to our established expertise in areas such as Digital Business & Technology, Finance & Securities, Infrastructure & Energy, Trade, Investment & Industry, and Restructuring & Transformation, we're expanding our focus to include emerging fields like Privacy & Cyber Security, Digital Health, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Industrial & Economic Zones, and Sharia Finance—areas of urgent global importance. Trust Bahar to be your dedicated partner, ensuring your success and peace of mind every step of the way.

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