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Refine your trade strategy with Bahar's expertise. From practical advisory services to navigating legal complexities, we provide a fresh perspective on goods and services trade. Improve your business in sectors like manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and FMCGs with our reliable legal counsel. Through connections with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, foreign chambers, and government institutions, we contribute to various Free Trade Agreements, including Indonesia-EFTA CEPA, Indonesia-Australia CEPA, Indonesia-EU CEPA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Explore the potential of your business with our specialized studies, like food fortification legal analyses for global organizations such as the OECD.



Discover strategic investment solutions with Bahar. We specialize in connecting foreign investors with local partners, providing practical legal and business advice, and aiding in establishing foreign limited liability companies (PT PMA). Our expertise extends to supporting ongoing investments in Indonesia, including mergers, acquisitions, and diverse business structures. Past projects involve setting up a Taiwanese-based pharmaceutical company and assisting a Korean-based chemical company in expanding its presence in Indonesia. Partner with us to navigate the intricacies of acquisitions and share transactions across different sectors. Your journey to investment success begins here.


Fuel your success in trade and investment by leveraging our expertise in the dynamic industry at Bahar. We prioritize industry as a crucial sector, recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing both trade and investment.


Explore our customized suite of services, encompassing legal advice for trade licensing, strategic business planning, expansions, and acquisitions. We are dedicated to meeting a range of client needs, guaranteeing cost efficiency, maximizing business value, and establishing a strong industry foothold. Draw on our practical experience, whether it involves steering a consortium through acquisitions for a major coal mining company or refining the business plan for an international automotive giant in Indonesia. Elevate your industry standing with Bahar, where success seamlessly aligns with strategic excellence.

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