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Our expertise in trade spans advisory services, legal counsel, and handling matters related to both goods and services trade. From trade licensing to advising in sectors like manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and FMCGs, we provide high-level legal advice, including specialized studies such as food fortification legal studies for organizations like the OECD. Our affiliations with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, foreign chambers, and government institutions have positioned us to contribute to recommendation papers for Free Trade Agreements, including Indonesia-EFTA CEPA, Indonesia-Australia CEPA, Indonesia-EU CEPA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Additionally, we conduct research and legal studies on Indonesian export commodities for business players and government reference.


Our investment services cover connecting foreign investors with local counterparts, offering legal and business advice, and assisting in establishing foreign limited liability companies (PT PMA). We excel in supporting ongoing investments in Indonesia through mergers and acquisitions and various business or investment structures. Our projects include establishing a Taiwanese-based pharmaceutical limited liability company, facilitating a Korean-based chemical company's branch entity in Indonesia, and engaging in acquisitions and share sale and purchase across various sectors.


Integral to trade and investment, industry is a crucial sector we prioritize. At Bahar, we consider this area vital for enhancing both trade and investment. Our services encompass legal advisory and assistance for trade licensing, business plans, expansions, and acquisitions. We tailor our services to meet diverse client needs, ensuring cost efficiency, maximum business value, and a strong positioning in the dynamic industry. Our skills extend to serving as legal counsel for a consortium involved in acquisitions for one of the world's largest single-mine coal mining companies and assisting a major international automotive manufacturing company in reviewing their comprehensive business plan in Indonesia.


Iman Pambagyo

Principal Consultant


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